welcome, human.

an introduction to the kozmoz…

PEACE. Welcome to the Life of Stardust! A hub for the kozmic beings of the earth to connect to the unique content i create! TABS AS FOLLOWS…

In the “soul sounds” tab you will find a page dedicated solely to music and the sounds of the soul. I will post playlists, music reviews and take our kozmic spaceship back to the roots of music, discussing the people who paved the way for the music we enjoy today. This is also where you will find any and all music projects that i create! 🎸

The tab for “Lady Soi Blog” contains my official soul blog. where i create eloquent writings that portray the deepest thoughts and desires of my soul. lol 🤪 Lady soi is a play on my last name and the reclaiming of what it means to be a “lady”. i LOVE to write, so you will find a laaaarge variety of pieces on that page! Inside of that tab you will also find “thotz n tingz” which is bascially a culmination of some writings i’ve done over the past 7 yrs, some thotz… some tingz.

The “take action” tab in the menu contains a few pages. Check out the “donate to a cause” page in that tab to find links to organizations around the world that are creating positive change in our world. 🌍 If you want to purchase any of my one of a kind creations, go into “shop” ! Everything on here is 100% created by me,

Natasha Ocasio. 🌹 Go into “get in contact” to connect with me personally, let’s talk about life baby! ❤️

Finally, clicking on “kozmic korner” will take you to my official youtube page, the kozmic korner! that’s where you’ll find all my VLOGs. about literally anything and everything. LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE ASJKLKSDNFJH…

“The Life of Stardust” overall is an ode to the human condition and an authentic representation of who I am and what i want to bring to the world. So if you’re just here to get to know me, welcome. scroll through the site and find something you like, then leave me a comment with ur opinion!

Thanks for cumming and i hope to see you again soon. XOXOOXOXOXO

“We are stardust brought to life, then empowered by the universe to figure itself out— and we have only just begun.”