The Life of Stardust

I started this blog about five months ago. I haven’t done anything with it because I didn’t really know what to do. What do you put in a blog? I feel like there are too many rules to everything. Why do we always need to wait until we know the rules to do something? Why is the basis of our love and lust and like, so conditional. “oh yeah I would love to do that! But if…”

I’m at a point in this life where I am over everything. But not in a bad way. In the best way possible. I have finally realized where I am and who I am. I have finally achieved the level of self awareness where I know what I am thinking and what I don’t want to think. I don’t really judge my thoughts anymore, well I do… but not as much as I used to. Now I think something and it’s like this background voice that thinks, “but why do you feel that way? why do you think that? why are you letting someone else dictate the way you feel?” Eckhart Tolle calls this awareness of thoughts- a separation of the ego and the true self. “Why are you letting something they did affect you? That has nothing to do with you. Those are things they need to fix. Stop it”

That’s why I made this. So I can just write and people can read it if they want and there’s that slight chance that it might resonate with someone, that it might change their life. Because that should be the only reason we share our art. Not for money or for recognition but because by honoring the art within us, we may be paving the way for another to honor the art within them. By living your truth you inspire others to do the same, you send vibrations of love to the world. Changing the course of the tides. The balance of the earth. Love creates universes.


  1. IMPA

    As I begin to read your blog, I am thinking wow,,,Who is this girl ? Then I continue reading and All kinds of thoughts come to my mind,,, I try to illustrate your words and they look like cracks in a wall (big ones) that are now seal, big brave waves that are now calm waters, a tiny mountain of dirt that is now a big mountain of solid rocks. I see this little girl running around with her hair covering her face NOW, now she runs and walks BIG not only with people she knows but also with the ones she doesn’t know but wait,,, her hair is not on her face; NOW she pulls it back and shows her face, her beautiful face and her gorgeous smile. The smile that can make anyone change a bad day for a GOOD DAY !
    You inspire me everyday,
    Every time I hear you talking to me is a new lesson; kind of like β€œlet go of that nonsense and keep on going”
    Love you
    You are the BEST
    You are an inspiration to others you are touching many lives in different ways


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