I was thinking about love. finding it. i was thinking about our society and being forever alone and valentines day and new years kisses and weddings and self worth and tinder and self esteem. and magazines and victorias secret and rom coms.

and i realized that we are marketed love and relationships and sex our entire lives. to the point where we associate relationships (and the lack of) with our self worth. if we don’t have someone, it’s because we’re ugly and not wanted or weird or whatever it is you associate with being alone. so we spend all this time making ourselves marketable. with makeup and instagrams and cute clothes and funny jokes and making sure we’re wifey type, or boyfriend material. wanting to be in a relationship and be someone’s wcw or mcm  because we think it matters. we associate the love of another with the highest form of love. failing to realize that the highest form of love resides within us. self love is pure, authentic and the highest vibrational frequency.


when we make this switch. this switch from wanting to love someone to fill this need for love as a means of feeling worthy TO wanting to love someone because you already feel this within yourself. you are honoring your divine.

when you begin to love yourself, you start to see the flaws in the things you’ve been taught and the things you’ve been told. a lot of things don’t make sense to you anymore. it’s like now, you want to love someone because you know all of the amazing things that are inside you and want to share this with someone. you want to see all of the incredible things that another human can possess. to share your happiness, your sadness, to hold them and support them. happiness becomes more real when it is shared. and when you love yourself you want to love another because you want to share your happiness and you want to live in their happiness and come together to create a love not rooted in a need for each other but in a want to honor each other.

a love that stems from a human who loves themselves, is a love free from possession and adorned with divinity.

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