kingdom on cloud9

If I could fly

The clouds

The air

The gods

Id fly amongst their majesty

Cloud puffs would adorn my hair

Like a crown of the free

In and out of them I’d loop

Passing the sky divers

The planes

The dreamers

Id catch the dreams that believe the sky is the limit and I’d send them back down to their creator

With a sprinkle of cloud dust

That whispers β€œdream bigger”

I’d kiss the dreams that flew past me

Created by those who believed in galaxies

And sent their dreams as far as andromeda

Guardian of the sky

I’d bow to all of the gods who reside amongst me

Acknowledging their equal majesty

I’d wait for you up here

To join me in my reign

I’d search every dream for yours

Waiting for the day you finally dreamt a dream bigger than the ozone

I would kiss it a million times as it zoomed past me to andromeda

And I’d sit and wait patiently

As you slowly floated up with it

Finally acknowledging your destiny

Destroying your shackles

β€œHello my darling” I’d say

β€œWe’ve been waiting for you”

And we’d dance and fly with the gods

The clouds

The air

our kingdom on cloud nine

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