2 year old stream of consciousness style

When we’re young we’re all taught that the little boy who pushes us at the playground because he likes us. Told that, the little boy is just too shy to tell you he likes you but trust me, if he picks on you, he really likes you.

Scenario: Somewhere in America, a little girl is coming home crying because a boy pulled her hair and made fun of her today. Her mom tells her that it’s only because he likes her. The girl dries her tears and looks in the mirror with the kind of confidence women have been taught to feel only when receiving the knowledge that we are sought after by a man. Somewhere in America this little girl is spending a little extra time in the mirror getting ready for school because she’s gonna see the boy who makes her cry. Scenario: Somewhere in America, this little girl has now grown up. Her boyfriend hits her, makes her cry and tells her he loves her. Actions that are synonymous with everything she’s ever been taught. Somewhere in America this now adult woman is spending a little extra time in the mirror, preparing to see the boy who makes her cry. Preparing to see the boy who tells her he loves her and slaps her when works been stressing him out too much and she has the audacity to breathe.

When a man is mean to you, he does not like you. A bruised eye is not a testament of love. Baby girl when a man loves you the only time he will raise his hand at you is to praise for bringing you into his life. When that boy pushes you on the playground he is not “too shy” to confess his love for you, he is a spoiled child who has never been taught the meaning of respect. So don’t you dare spend that extra time in the mirror for him because he does not deserve it. When that little boy pushes you to the ground, you get back up wipe your tears and you push him right back. Too often are women taught to stay on the ground, too often are we told that he’s having a bad day. Too often do we listen to society when they tell us not to fight back, But Baby girl today’s a new day and we’re not going to sit around anymore, we’re gonna fight back.

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