I am a dam

my feelings the water I contain

There are cracks in my structure

But I still remain

I wonder how much more of this I can take

Of the pushing and pulling

Before I break

my feelings come in waves

Drowning cities and towns

Pushing everything far away

I wait for this day

when it comes

I will stand tall in my glory

As my structure succumbs

For I have crumbled in passion

In love

In feeling

At first glance this may be deceiving

For I have crumbled, right?

How good could this be?

But the waters I contained run free

Cultivating desert lands of the heart

Dry towns become fertile

My freedom reaches every crevice

Empowers the futile

My freedom

Creates life

what was once in captivity

Has been set free

Created life

Where there was once hopelessness

My freedom

Has peeled away my layers

My freedom

Has revealed me

I am me



and free

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