everything that is coming to me i have manifested over the course of who knows how long. i have manifested all of these incredible things that i am coming into. i have met marvelous people in the past two months and my life has made a huge shift. i am in a place where i have taken the first steps to ascension and sometimes i feel like i’m floating. i close my eyes and i can see far beyond my sight. it’s a big black plain and sometimes i like to picture myself dancing on it. dancing. dancing is something i used to be afraid to do. i have broken this wall down once. and i will continue to do so until one day it doesn’t exist anymore. i found that the best way to do this was to connect my mind, body and spirit. my mind used to think one thing and my spirit wanted to move with my body but my mind never sent the command to my muscles because of fear. False Expectations Appearing Real. fuck fear. i release fear everyday of my life. i renounce it. it has no space in my temple. i pave the way for righteousness, authenticity honesty and love.

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