hidden in the silence

you know how silent i am?

my god i barely make a sound

at times a careless whisper

to remind you of the profound

my silence is loud

please don’t cover your ears

i want you to hear what it’s done to me

after all of these years


i will not forsake you

i come in peace

so below, as above

the shark is drowning

but can’t he swim?

the human is choking

but can’t he breath?

the fire and the flood

but didn’t he leave?

our lives are a series of moments

that only exist within themselves

outside of themselves, they bear no weight

and still we sink beneath them, call it fate

we control the tides, and the shore

where it starts, where it ends

we are life

we are moments

ever changing and fleeting

only within ourselves, will we ever find meaning







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