*5 years old!!!!*

i think the best kind of people are the “onion people”.Β the kind of people who appear to be one person on the outside but show you a different layer of them every time you peel one back. It’s like you say one thing to these people, just one thing that will loosen one of their layers.. and then it’s like you’ve just met a whole new person. I love these kinds of people because these are the kinds of people who get drunk and tell you every thought they’ve ever had. The ones who have walls built so high that you actually have to want to tear them down to know who they really are. Because they don’t give themselves to just anybody.. these are the kind of people that you have to work for. The kinds who are very selective with who they let peel their layers back,Β that can give you their bodies and not their souls. And these are the most beautiful kinds of people because they are the fearful.. the ones who are so honest that their every day appearance is a lie because they know that not everyone deserves to know who you truly are.. and they fear the day that they’ll find those who do. i am an onion person.

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