i’m looking for a new scent

i want it to smell like the end of your illusions

like the one real thing that demolishes all of the could be’s

one whiff

and you’ll tell me you’ll stay here with me

in the land of the free

so that you and I

will finally get our chance to fly

to swoop and soar

to twist and shout

a smell so sweet

you’ll never have to wonder what to eat

for I am here, my darling

for your pleasure and consumption

i’ll love you free of assumptions

i’ll ride the tide in and out of your eyes

before during and after the storm

that rages inside

i’ll lie next to you

caressing those sweet thighs

tell me, baby

that I smell like the end of illusion

a REALization

that never concludes


(the credits never roll

for you have seen my soul

and within it’s depths

found a mirror ?)


to our story,

we will write infinite sequels

because in each other, we have finally found equals.


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