talks w my imaginary friends

maybe in that moment that was the best, but we need to let go of that and understand that if the best has happened, there will be another best. there will be another moment and there will be another best… but only if you let it DUNDUNDUN. (now we’re not solely using moment in a literal manner, it is literal and also figurative. figurative for the human fact that a moment with someone can last more than an actual scientific moment in time. but it was still a moment. ) as time continues and things around us begin to grow and change, we do the same. however, we are unwilling to fully accept change yet we know that it is a basic fact of life and it is the reason that we have moments and we have memories. moments are temporary, memories can be too. moments become memories. and somehow, sometimes there’s a crosswiring. and the memories are no longer temporary, now they last forever. and a moment, turn memory, turned into forever seems so real. it feels like it’s the only thing you ever feel. we become resistant. but just because you push against the wave, doesn’t mean it stops to flow; your push just disturbs the flow.

we haaaaaave to change our mentality about trust. because to a certain extent you can’t fully enjoy this existence without a certain amount of trust. trust to drive a car, trust the yelp reviews, trust the dude who invented the traffic light and trust everyone to know how to do their job, and that they’re doing their best. but then we have situations when these miniscule amounts of trust are broken. and we feel even those, because they were so natural we didn’t even know they were there. and slowly we may learn to not trust the world or anything in it. that everyone is bad. that everyone’s a killer. that everyone’s gonna break your heart. but as we discussed earlier, everything is changing and something horrible can happen or something great can happen. we just gotta accept it. life is beautiful it’s just some of the stuff in it is pretty fucked up. it’s just what it is. and just as these bad times (i.e. the heartbreak lol we all know that’s one of the worst things we been thru) happened and can happen again, these beautiful times that we indirectly live for can too. but we only seem to focus on the bad… of everything. we prepare for the worst (but hoping for the best!!!) like what the fuck lol. why don’t we just prepare for everything wouldn’t that be less painful. make u feel a lil llighter, then maybe you can start to fly again. stay ready yeen gotta get ready na mean. (metome: yes it broke your heart but it was fucking beautiufl and amazing and you know that you crave that again all the time. and that doesn’t mean you’re craving that same exact moment- because that moment didn’t work out for a reason- but something different, yet just as beautiful. so stop.) you have to open yourself up if you want to receive. you can not walk through a closed door and you can not receive something (in any situation…) IF UR ALL CLOSED UP. open your mind, understand that there are infinite and various possibilities, that anything can happen and let go to embrace change.

it’s so fucking hard tho lol

but it’s worth it and we owe it to ourselves to reach our dreams, to strive for them to actually work for them in some way. we have so many little dreams and so few big dreams. we don’t trust that it can happen. we gotta let that shit go……..along withΒ  these momentsturnedmemoryturnedforever- accepeting them, being grateful for them but enforcing your authority over your life and deciding to go with the flow and give yourself the life you want, the life you deserve. the life you can achieve if you stop DISRUPTIN THIS MF FLOW AND WALLOWING IN SELF PITY and just give yourself a moment to feel and dissect etc. etc. and then decide what you’re going to do next. don’t let feeling/thoughts about moments taint them. just move on. accept it. thank it. accept that things have changed, are changing and will always be changing. and change with it. let go of those foolish things fool and push yourself to become who you’ve always wanted to be.

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