mckenna was always a happy girl. she laughed boisterously, kissed ferociously and worried meticulously. she lived in portland with her mother and her older brother caleb. mckenna’s mother eliza was the kind of woman you admire and envy at the same time. she was effortless. her charisma waltzed off her with every step and into the eyes and minds of those who had the privilege to be in her presence. mckenna’s mother liked men. a lot. eliza taught mckenna the basics of getting a man when she was thirteen years old. for this reason mckenna was a very sought after girl in her high school. the boys just loved her under-the-staircase blowjobs. caleb liked music. he played many instruments and took after his mother. he also liked men. a lot. eliza didnt mind this and she always included caleb in her sex sessions with mckenna. they hustled men, and made a living from it.



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