i feel so alone, why does it seem as though everyone but me has a home.

i am here

but i am not

because i can not be here without a _______ or some beer

that these things are the only things that can bring happiness, is what i fear.

everybody’s gonna live and everybody’s gonna die

i gotta find a fuck to give, before i run out of time

even in the darkness this life feels so divine

in a place where even the divine has lost it’s shine

i’m not sure i even know what shine means anymore

how can i live a life i’m proud of

when i wrote the map before i knew me?

how could someone like you, want someone like me?

i have no identity, no known entities

i look at the sun, to remember where i come from

the darkest eyes hide the brightest lights

if it don’t shine

you gotta move what it’s hidin behind

this life is hard

shit, i hid behind the great wall

of china

want to be understood, above all

these secrets given me angina

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