exotic 2/7

i’ve found myself in a place deeper than my skin

do not recognize my reflection

only the life i feel within

plagued with sin

injected with holiness

the goddess of defeat

put down your weapons

and embrace me

i have lost every war

yet won every soul

for i refuse to draw my sword

in authenticity, i behold

i am obsessed with who you are at your core

put down your weapons

never done this before

i watch from a far

and fetishize your smile

i will hold you in my arms, please just stay a while

human emotion is to me

what i am to you

an enigma, so sweet

an ocean, so blue

fantasies of you and me

crying over spilled milk

of her and him

of you and i

dancing in only silk

everythings so separated

it’s hard to make connections

don’t stay sedated

ask a lot of questions

like who am i?

what is this?

do i really have to try?

why do you bare fists?

at night is it i who i miss?

i love you, my sweet

although the queen of defeat, for you i would fight and win

bare the armor of sin

if it meant we would lie together

to witness the end

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