i want to read to you.

lay your head on my chest as i read and my words calm the fire within, that burns and consumes. volatile and destructive, the flames violently whip at everything in your life as you seek a voice that will extinguish.

soothe the fire

disintegrate the boulders that withhold the river of you.

flow into me like a wall-less dam.

crash into me and consume my soul, awaken this circumstantial being.

i will lay with you on the condition that you will adorn my body with your lips. trailing marks of all varieties in and on every crevice of this flesh suit. big kisses, small kisses, wet, dry, lingering, staccato.

just you and i, wrap your hand around my throat and feel the vibrato.

as the pleasure escapes from my mouth and your lips travel further south. make love with me baby, your beautifully tortured soul is just what i’m craving.

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