what if we understand life as dr. strange did when he gave the time stone to thanos? what if we understood, or even accepted for a moment, that this is the only way it will work out… that out of all the possible realities it has to occur like this in order for it to work out. now, who knows if that’s true, but nothing is really true until it’s true soooo i feel like thinking that this is our only chance, to live, to wake-up, to make love, to do SOMETHING, will help us in more ways than one. it could help us live more driven and inspired lives, help us to cultivate what it is we really want to see in the world, what we would like to do in the world and for the world. because believing this is your only chance to experience this moment (which is true) galvanizes you to seize every moment and it’s what makes the difference between speaking your mind, making a decision and stepping out of your comfort zone in general. because for all we know, this is the endgame!! this is the moment that we get to figure out how to reverse the evil, that we re-collect our gems, and undo what has been done. nothing is as deeply rooted as we think it is. we have a choice. we are the seeds. warriors born again to fight.


we could stick with the meh life sucks i suck life is lame everything’s lame and never fully experience the magic of human life. what i thought was my nature probably would have had me choose the latter. but one day i realized the capacity of the mind. the elasticity of your very nature. that there is something deeper than “you” the person. there is something within that commands and exonerates. but it will only act out its will to one who has courage. have courage. believe in yourself. it’s the only way it’ll work. it’s the whole fuckin point. to come to yourself, face your fears and redefine your life in alignment with your most authentic you. creating yourself and your purpose in your world. that’s the whole point. SOANYWAYSIDIGRESS, point is it’s never too late to become. you really don’t become anything because you already are, you just realize you are. and that – as a true, real thing- is all it takes. ….i am i yam yamz

~~~~~Good and evil lay side by side while electric love penetrates the sky~~~~~

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