read my mind free my mind ~ GrEeTiNgZ eArThLiNGS ©

Welcome. I been wanting to do this for a while and I have had it for a while but I hadn’t done much with it. Was stuck in the fear of commitment. This page is where you’ll find poems, short stories, one-liners, rambling thoughts, rhymes, … words. Some of the poems are as old as 5 years, some as old as 5 mins.

idk instagram, facebook all that is kinda boring and I wanted a place I could post everything i felt like it about myself… guess im a narcissist. cheers to freedom and to being alive and on earth. let’s make something of it. i hope you can resonate with at least one thing on this page. that at least one post makes you think, provokes your mind, makes you feel less alone. ok happy reading bye bye.

all content is original and mine. ©

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