a sentimental mood

i’m writing this listenin to coltrane and doris day. easily said, i’m confessin the blues. over and over again. carlos santana said that the blues wasn’t just a style of music, the blues was a way of life. was he right? the more i observe my own behavior i truly start to think so. how the blues is embedded in the way you walk, talk, even the way you see the world.

when you are the blues you can reach deep into your repertoire and pull out incomparable depths of feeling. it shifts everything about you, makes you feel like a more melancholy person. i think another name for the blues as a lifestyle, or personality type could be a thinker. thinkers, people who use their minds, for purposes other than mindlessly believing the bullshit everyone else feeds them … are the blues. the blues because the mind makes you blue, makes you question everything, wonder, wish. romantics trapped in an age of dead romanticism. making love to everything around them with their perspectives. in my experience the blues are misunderstood, taken for granted, confused for shallow depths rather than their true abysmal nature. a lot of people consider B.B. King the king of the blues, because B.B. put his soul into the music, and B.B. was a thinker. he was a romantic, a man of depth and a big, influential soul. i think carlos santana was right. i think some people are the blues, some people are rap, some are pop, some are classical. i think music is a good way to describe people, because everyone sounds differently. not their voices but their souls, their souls sound different but you have to REALLY listen to hear it. because some people would appear to be pop, but when you watch the way they move, the way they express themselves, you realize they’re actually the blues. deeper, fuller, more complex. everyone has a different rhythm, i’d like to hear yours one day.

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