kozmik soi


I am a dam my feelings the water I contain There are cracks in my structure But I still remain I wonder how much more of this I can take Of the pushing and pulling Before I break my feelings come in waves Drowning cities and towns Pushing everything far away I wait for this […]


la galaxia

la galaxia esta tejida entre tus celulas descansa entre la punta de tus labios y las curvas de tu sonrisa suena como las carcajadas de tu boca huele como la cama despues que te vas tu eres la galaxia tu eres el universo la energia masculina y feminina descansa en tu rostro


still (about 2 years old)

how do you let go of the only thing you’ve ever wanted to hold onto I keep you with me, tightly in the palm of my hand and on the nights I miss you I clench my fists so tight it feels like someones stabbing my palm I have to let go but everytime I […]